NOTICE                                             Dated 31/07/2021
All the students of BA/B.Sc./ B. Com (Hons /Gen) Sem-II of academic session 2020-2021  are advised to submit their ENVS project work on any of the topics following the University syllabus. The project must be submitted in pdf format through online mode to the given ‘link’ within 12/08/2021.

Link for Hons Students

Link for General Students

Syllabus: 1) Visit an area to document environmental assets: river/ forest/ flora/fauna, etc. 2) Visit to a local polluted site–‐Urban/Rural/Industrial/Agricultural. 3) Study of common plants, insects, birds, and basic principles of identification. 4) Study of simple ecosystems–‐pond, river, Delhi Ridge, etc. 5) Disaster management. 6) Coastal ecosystem.

Principal, Tamralipta Mahavidyalaya