Tamralipta Mahavidyalaya, popularly called and known as Tamluk college & situated in the Head Quarters of Purba Medinipur district, namely Tamluk, historically known as Tamralipta which can truly boast of a rich heritage of traditional cultural and intellectual excellence, has been playing a significant role in disseminating higher education among the students mostly coming from illiterate, semi-literate, rural, agriculture-based and even first–generation-learner sections of the community ever since its foundation on an auspicious day in 1948 by the dedicated, sincere and concerted efforts of a number of educationists, patriots and enthusiastic people from all walks of life, the leading role of which was taken by widely respected Late Srutinath Chakraborty.
In view of the ever-increasing need and demand of the student-community and as a result of the active initiatives taken by the educationists and the intelligentsia of the locality coupled with the concerted endeavour as well as the immense self-sacrifice of all the founder-teachers & the people in the administration, the tiny sapling planted in 1948 turned into a full-grown tree in nearly two decades’ time with its multifarious branches & dimensions offering its protective shadows over everyone who has come under it. The stakeholders of this institute of repute have never stopped in forging ahead with its rich tradition keeping its mission & vision unshaken by temporary blasts or ups & downs.
This institution promises to sustain and strengthen the responsibilities of offering value-based Higher Education and Training and is determined to spread unique & updated knowledge systems in all segments of society — the mainstream and the marginal — with its commitment to offer equal opportunity of receiving Higher Education for all students, to offer judicious and wise counseling for their future career, to foster in them qualities of leadership and those of a good citizen, to make them accountable to their duties to the society they belong to, and ultimately to inculcate in them social and ethical values.