Research and Development Cell (RDC)

Members of the Cell:

    1. Dr. Abdul Motin, Principal, Chairman
    2. Mr. Dhrubajyoti Majumdar (Convener)
    3. Coordinator, IQAC
    4. Dr. Sudhansu Khanra (Jt. Conv.)
    5. Dr. Anjali Mandal
    6. Dr. Alok Bag
    7. Dr. Kalipada Bankura
    8. Dr. Jayanta Dab
    9. Dr. Amalendu Sahoo
    10. Dr. Purnima Jana
    11. Dr. Sovan Samanta
    12. Mr. Ajoy Babu
    13. Dr. Amit Karmakar

About Us

The Research and Development (R&D) Cell of Tamralipta Mahavidyalaya is one of the endeavours to promote the research among the teachers and students. The College has a Research Committee to nurture research culture by promoting research in emerging and challenging frontier areas of Science and Technology as well as in Humanities. The cell strives to create awareness and opportunities in Research & Development among the faculties and Students. The R&D Cell aims to achieve the multi-skill holistic development of the all stakeholders by raising a scientific temper. It undertakes various initiatives such us promoting faculty members for writing proposals to government and agencies for major and minor projects, conducting seminar/workshop for students and teachers. The cell encourages and tries to create opportunities for publishing research works in reputed journals and proceedings.  It also promotes the research culture through participation in different national and international conferences and exchanging their thoughts.

Objectives of the Cell:

  1. To enhance the research culture in the College by promoting research in emerging and frontier areas of science and technology as well as humanities.
  2. To manage the required budget and funding resources.
  3. To develop rules & regulation and procedures to ensure the ambience of all researchers in all respects.
  4. To create awareness and opportunities in Research & Development among the faculties and students.
  5. To promote and encourage the staff members to take up Research projects and improve their acquaintance, skills and credentials.
  6. To encourage staff members and students to publish research papers in National and reputed International Conferences/ Journals.
  7. To assist for applying the projects offered by agencies such as DST, DBT, UGC, etc and getting funds for conducting Seminar/Workshop/FDP on research related issues and intellectual property rights.
  8. To identify and establish linkages including MOUs for long term relationships with national/international research organisations, for expanding the scope of research opportunities and funding options available to the faculty members and students of the college.