Members of the Council

  1. Principal acts as President
  2. One Elected Secretary
  3. All full time teachers and Librarians are general members

About Us :

The Teachers’ Council is a statutory body under affiliating Vidyasagar University, assumes a parallel role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality education through effective teaching, learning, and evaluation processes. The body conscientiously monitors and oversees the proper design and implementation of various academic plans and initiatives that contribute to the overall academic well-being of the college.


Under the guidance and leadership of the Principal, who serves as the President of the Teachers’ Council, this esteemed body comprises all dedicated and experienced faculty members. The primary responsibility of the Teachers’ Council is to ensure the maintenance of academic standards and excellence within the college. It diligently assesses and enhances the quality of teaching and learning experiences, fostering an environment conducive to effective knowledge dissemination and skill development.

The Teachers’ Council actively supervises the comprehensive planning and implementation of key academic aspects, including the admission process, examinations, sports, cultural activities, extension activities, and infrastructural supports. By particularly supervising these domains, the Council aims to create a harmonious and holistic educational environment that nurtures the holistic development of students, encouraging their participation in extracurricular activities, promoting their physical and mental well-being, and fostering a spirit of creativity, innovation, and intellectual curiosity.

In addition to those, the Council looks after the welfare of Teaching Community. The body recognizes and felicitates the achievements of teachers in any fields of academic Excellence. It also looks after the professional development of the teachers by CAS or other ways as stipulated in Govt. Regulations. Farewell Meeting and Annual Get-together meeting are arranged as when required.