1. Up gradation of the labs of all subjects and the labs like Chemistry, Physics and Zoology to be designed as Research laboratories.

2. To extend the horizon of students’ support system.

3. Introduction of job oriented Career Building Courses, Interdisciplinary Courses and Vocational Courses.

4. To install Solar PV module in the Administrative Building (as the first phase) to save energy and introduce the use of Renewable Source of Energy.

5. To accelerate the construction of Central Library and PG Block to cater for the need of space for Library users and to enhance the infrastructural facilities for the Post Graduate Students.

6. Extension and Modernization of the PG Laboratories.

7. To complete Golden Jubilee Building.

8. Construction of a well furnished Guest House.

9. To introduce Internal Merit Scholarship for the U.G. & P. G. students to motivate and encourage them towards higher education.

10. Opening up of new UG courses in Microbiology & Bio-Technology and Aqua-Culture, Sociology and Mass Communication to meet the increasing demands of the professional aspirants.

11. To take initiatives for introduction of PG Courses in the following Subjects: (1) Mathematics (2) English (3) Chemistry (4) Education (5) Physics.

12. Offering Certificate Courses in Ophthalmology, Human Rights, Women’s Studies, Fisheries and Bio-Fertilizer.

13. Interaction with Industry in search of job opportunities.