Members of the Cell:

  1. Kalipada Bankura (Convenor)
  2. Madhusudhan Jana
  3. Madhurima Neogi
  4. Sovan Samanta
  5. Ajay Babu
  6. Rajib Kumar Dolai
  7. Molla Jannatul Ferdousul Allam
  8. Swapan Paul
  9. Debraj Roy

About Us :

Emerging Information and Communication Technology can play an important role in restructuring teaching-learning practices. The teachers must take a leading role in designing appropriate learning environments that effectively incorporate technology to help their students learn well with latest advent of technology. The ICT based learning empower students with thinking and learning skills, and help students interact with complex materials.  Education is a lifelong process, therefore anytime, anywhere access to it is the need of our education system. Education should meet the needs of variety of learners and therefore ICT becomes essential to fulfil this need. It is a demand of time that all the individuals should have basic technological knowledge. We need to increase access IT and bring down the cost of education in order to meet the challenges of modern science and technology. Tamralipta Mahavidyalaya has constituted a separate cell to do this job in enthusiastic and dedicated manner in appreciation of latest technological development.

Objectives of the Cell:

  • To upgrade the ICT facilities for teaching learning processes like Smart Class room, LCD projectors etc.
  • Arrangement for providing E-resources so that both faculty and students can benefit from them.
  • To recommend for purchasing software like MATLAB, ICT tools.
  • To encourage faculty members to use free software in teaching learning process
  • To encourage use of new technology and systems to enhance the skill of both the faculty members and students